Offshore Wind

From visions to projects. We recognized its importance in the origins of the renewable energy market. Together with the companies in the wind energy industry, we take on tasks and challenges for the construction of complex and high-quality components and have thus become a recognized system supplier for a large number of wind turbine manufacturers.

We manufacture large-volume components such as machine houses for wind turbines in the multi-megawatt class or support structures for the drive train for various turbine manufacturers with the highest precision. Depending on the requirements, components are protected against corrosion with hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating or paint coating up to C5M offshore painting. With high responsibility and precision, we ensure sustainability and durable products.

Projects manufactured or implemented by us:

    Transport frames
    Prototype projects
    SIP & LIP Projects
    Railings HornsRev3
    Main access platforms
    Suction buckets
    Lower & Upper Legs

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