Service for maintenance, repair in and on wind turbines and industrial plants

Our service team is responsible for the maintenance, repair, repair and retrofitting of steel and aluminum components in and on wind turbines and industrial plants.

Both welding and locksmith work as well as mechanical processing on site are part of our area of ​​responsibility.

In cooperation with other parts of BV Anlagenbau, as well as sister companies, we are able to develop or manufacture our own repair concepts and associated parts tailored to the needs of the customer. Common welding and construction technology methods that have been tried and tested in practice are used. Process technologies can also be used in coordination with the customer.

Our fitters are specialized, qualified and are continuously trained in the relevant areas. They are used onshore and offshore and are on the road all over Europe with their own fully equipped service vehicles.

We ensure carefully coordinated and controlled work processes. This includes:

    Previous component measurement before starting the welding work
    Elaboration of existing cracks according to work instructions and repair standards
    Repair and build-up welding using MAG-TIG and E-welding processes
    Magnetic powder test, MT level 2 according to DIN EN ISO 17638

Qualification of our fitters

    Welder qualified according to EN 287-1 / DIN EN ISO 9606-1   (E- / MAG / TIG process)
    Magnetic powder test, MT level 2 according to DIN EN ISO 17638
    G41, G39, G20 and G25 checkups
    Height safety training
    WEA easy
    Lockout / Tagout (LOTO)
    First aid training
    Fire protection training
    Safety training for hot work
    Offshore training

For our customers and clients, we carry out   one-off or regular inspections individually according to customer requirements.

    Frame inspection and repair for on and offshore wind turbines, such as   main and generator frames
    Testing and repair of bearing housings
    Testing and repairing foundation bolts and tower welds
    Inspection and repair of masts, ladders and other tall structures made of metal or aluminum
    General assembly and installation of steel structures

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