stell construction

Good plants need good equipment

For BV Anlagenbau, this includes much more than just equipment that can process parts weighing up to 100 tons and with a diameter of up to 6.20 m in height and 14 m in length:

fast and precise and just in time.

We also understand good systems to mean employees who, as highly motivated specialists, guarantee perfect work and a process chain that ensures on-time delivery and product safety.


  • Grillages, seafastenings
  • Hangar gates and helidecks
  • Container construction
  • Components for ship and yacht building
  • Cable bridges, pipe bridges, catwalks
  • Stage constructions, platforms
  • Lattice boom tips and tubular trusses
  • Hatches and bulkheads
  • Components for the petrochemical industry
  • Mounting frame
  • Fixture construction
  • Transport and lifting equipment

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